Carestream Vue PACS St. Michael’s Hospital, Toronto, Canada, has replaced its existing PACS with a CARESTREAM Vue PACS after viewing demonstrations and conducting site visits with six suppliers.

“Carestream’s Vue PACS represents a new generation of PACS technology. Its embedded 3D tools and advanced lesion management capabilities can enhance reading while simultaneously speeding up the process,” said Tim Dowdell, the hospital’s chief of radiology.

Vue PACS also offers an intuitive interface and easy integration with other systems to streamline the reading workflow. “The Vue PACS system’s diagnostic tools and highly integrated workflow have exceeded my expectations and those of my radiologist colleagues,” Dowdell continued.

The PACS is integrated with a third-party voice recognition system and the hospital information system  to create efficient reading and reporting. “We have cut turnaround time for reports in half for all modalities thanks to an updated voice recognition system and the new PACS,” said Dowdell, adding that the PACS delivers customized, user-defined worklists and hanging protocols. “We now have a PACS-driven workflow that is much more efficient for radiologists and equips us to better serve physicians and their patients.”

Vue PACS delivers 3D data display with automatic vessel segmentation; interactive multi-planar reconstruction to allow data viewing in any plane; automatic volume registration and matching directly within the viewer to streamline volumetric data comparison; and automatic display of multiple exams from different modalities for comparison. It also offers embedded critical results notification and voice commands.

Carestream’s lesion management application allows radiologists to offer follow-up for exams requiring complex treatment planning and delivers the data referring oncologists need including trending analysis, measurements, anatomical bookmarking and more.

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