Here are some of the new products Axis Imaging News recently discovered.

L20-5 Ultrasound Transducer from Zonare

L20-5 Beauty Shot Horiz 1200 dpiThe new L20-5 transducer from Zonare, Mountain View, Calif, offers an imaging solution for pediatric, musculoskeletal, breast, testicle, interventional, vascular, and contrast enhanced ultrasound applications. With a 32-mm aperture and 5-cm penetration, the lightweight L20-5 supports B-Mode, compounded harmonics, spatial compounded harmonics CD-Mode, PDI, dPDI, PW-Mode, HPRF, M-Mode, elastography, and CEUS. Zonare’s proprietary ZONE Sonography Technology lets the system process data 10 times faster than typical ultrasound and captures more data per transmit receive cycle.; (877) 966-2731

UGEO PT60A from Samsung


UGEO PT60A from Samsung

The first tablet-based ultrasound system from Samsung, Seoul, South Korea, aims to address all facets of point-of-care service with its light, compact design and a 10.1-inch LED touch-screen monitor. A Needle Mate function allows users to pinpoint needle location for accuracy during interventions. SDMR technology provides a noise reduction filter and edge enhancement, while the Spatial Compounding Image feature offers better soft tissue definition and contrast resolution for clearer imaging.; (800) 726-7864


New Ultrasound Table Line from Biodex

Biodex, Shirley, NY, has reimagined their ultrasound table design to reduce physical stress on sonographers without compromising image quality. Optional side rails fold under the table when not in use and sit flush with the table surface to shorten the distance between technician and patient. Reclining and upright Fowler positioning is available up to 80 degrees, minimizing the need for patient repositioning and reducing the risk of injury to the sonographer. A headrest designed for carotid and thyroid procedures extends down to 15 degrees, while the articulating scanning arm board can be locked at 10-degree intervals up to 130 degrees. The cardiac scanning cushion cutout also has been enlarged to enable better access to the left thorax.; (800) 224-6339

Artis One Angiography System from Siemens

The floor-mounted Artis One from Siemens, Malvern, Pa, is designed for broad clinical use and routine interventions. With a footprint of only 269 square feet, the system accommodates patients up to 6 feet, 10 inches tall. A 30-inch monitor provides expanded display, and flexible axes allow users to orient the system to reach patients easily. Users can manipulate the tactile console buttons even under a sterile covering. The Clearstent Live application allows correct placement of stents during interventional cardiology procedures, and the Megalix x-ray tube produces high-contrast images via a 250 mA current while maintaining 20% energy savings for the system overall. The Artis One is presently under FDA review.; (800) 743-6367

Digital X-Ray Detector for Pediatric Use from Fujifilm


FDR D-EVO C24i from Fujifilm

The 24×30 cm FDR D-EVO DR detector from Fujifilm, Tokyo, is the world’s first wireless cesium flat panel detector. Conceived and FDA approved for pediatric use, the FDR D-EVO C24i offers high detective quantum efficiency (DQE) and low-dose x-ray exams. The system is small enough to fit in a standard neonatal isolette tray, minimizing disruptions to the infant and assuring protection from contamination.; (800) 323-2546

Invenia Automated Breast Ultrasound System from GE

Invenia ABUS from GE Healthcare

Invenia ABUS from GE Healthcare

The Invenia ABUS from GE Healthcare, Waukesha, Wis, can be adjunct to mammography for women with dense breast tissue. Studies have shown that mammography sensitivity drops as much as 36% to 38% in these patients, making tumors more difficult to detect. The Invenia bridges that gap with a system that may improve cancer detection by as much as 35.7% compared to mammography alone. Tools like Compression Assist and Reverse Curve enable 3D imaging of the whole breast while ensuring patient comfort. Exam time is also shorter compared to GE’s previous breast ultrasound product, the somo•v ABUS, which debuted in September 2012.; (800) 682-5327