To help assist in the detection and quantification of findings associated with COVID-19,  RADLogics, based in Boston and Tel Aviv, has announced that its AI-powered medical imaging applications will now be available on the Nuance AI Marketplace. The Nuance AI Marketplace is the first and largest portal with one-stop access to a wide range of AI diagnostic models from within the industry’s most widely used radiology reporting platform.

The availability of RADLogics’ applications on the Nuance AI Marketplace include patient triage and disease extent measurements, using imaging findings on CT and x-ray scans. These solutions have the capacity to process one million CT and 10 million x-rays studies per day through the RADLogics’ cloud-based platform.

RADLogics’ AI-Powered software includes algorithms that not only detect abnormalities on chest CTs and x-rays, but also provide automatic triage alerts to the radiologist to help ensure potential findings are reviewed in a timely matter. In addition, the AI-Powered devices provide quantitative analysis of the CT and x-ray images for patients with suspected COVID-19 disease including a score that can help monitor findings over time. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, RADLogics has dedicated the company’s resources to modify, adapt, and deploy its algorithms to detect lung abnormalities that are compatible with COVID-19 in appropriate clinical settings.

Nuance AI Marketplace functions like an app store dedicated to radiology. It gives algorithm developers consolidated, at-scale access to users of Nuance PowerScribe. Radiologists can discover, test, and use AI models from within their familiar PowerScribe reporting and worklist workflows to increase reporting efficiency and quality and to help care teams improve performance and reduce healthcare costs.

“We are committed to meet the growing demand for our AI-Powered medical imaging analysis solutions during the pandemic by making our applications available to U.S. clinicians and radiology teams through the revolutionary Nuance AI Marketplace,” says Moshe Becker, chief executive officer and cofounder of RADLogics. “We are dedicated to supporting the fight against COVID-19, and Nuance’s cloud-based marketplace will facilitate the deployment of our applications to support healthcare systems and providers throughout the U.S. as they continue to treat symptomatic patients.”

For more information, visit RADLogics and Nuance AI Marketplace.