RadioMed Wins Favorable Verdict in Trial Against ONC Solutions

RadioMed Corp, a subsidiary of Ion Beam Applications SA, has won a favorable verdict in a jury trial against ONC Solutions Inc and John Schwamb, one of the founders of ONC Solutions, regarding the protection of RadioMed’s intellectual property. The jury agreed RadioMed has proven its case that its confidential and proprietary information was taken and used by ONC Solutions in the development of ONC Solutions’ products starting in 2007 and such use caused harm to RadioMed. Consequently, the jury awarded RadioMed $200,000 in past damages against ONC Solutions and Schwamb as fair compensation for their actions. RadioMed is prepared for any extension to this case should ONC Solutions disagree with the decision and decide to appeal this verdict.

“We are very pleased the jury recognized the importance of protecting the intellectual property associated with VISICOIL”, said Chuck Lindley, RadioMed COO. “RadioMed has invested significant time and resources in developing this patented cancer treatment technology. We at IBA truly respect the intellectual property of other companies in the market and it is critical to our business model that we take every step needed to protect and defend ours. With this action behind us, we look forward to focusing on IBA’s mission to protect, enhance and save lives.”