Royal Philips announces that it has signed a 12-year strategic partnership with IJsselland Hospital, based in The Netherlands. As the hospital’s strategic technology partner, Philips will target improved care for patients and care providers at IJsselland Hospital and in the surrounding region. The collaboration will focus on innovation, digitalization, and optimization, and includes the purchase of patient monitoring and radiology solutions including CT and MRI systems.

Expanded Home Monitoring Collaboration 

In addition to the new strategic partnership, Philips and IJsselland Hospital plan to expand their existing home monitoring partnership for patients with heart failure and COPD. Philips will provide clinical and patient decision support software, which enables implementation of remote health and care programs and facilitates collaboration between different healthcare providers.

“Technological developments in healthcare are currently moving very fast,” says Albert van Wijk, chairman of IJsselland Hospital’s board of directors. “As a regional hospital, we want to keep up with these developments to provide the best care for our patients. We have chosen Philips as a technology partner to jointly develop the hospital of the future. This will be good for our patients and our healthcare professionals. Moreover, Philips’ vision fits well with our strategy.”

“Over the past year, we have worked with IJsselland Hospital to convert their strategy and challenges into a partnership,” adds Léon Kempeneers, health systems, Philips Benelux. “I am very proud of this partnership, in which we don’t focus solely on technology but look more broadly at the challenges the hospital faces. A great deal of attention is paid to innovation, which is why we are starting a joint fund for innovation and optimization. We also want to work explicitly on optimizing care processes, so that the hospital can work smarter and save costs.”