Houston-based medical imaging equipment provider National Imaging Solutions has acquired DynaRad, the oldest manufacturer of portable x-ray systems in the U.S. This investment will allow National Imaging Solutions to support its customers by supplying them with DynaRad portable x-ray machines, including a mobile field x-ray device using nanotube technology, company officials say.

“We are excited to unveil the new DynaRad equipment offerings, which represent some of the most maneuverable and light-weight diagnostic solutions in the market,” says Arleigh Halterman, CEO of National Imaging Solutions. “The DynaRad brand is the longest-standing and most respected in the portable x-ray space and I look forward to giving DynaRad the capital resources it needs to truly flourish and ultimately improve more patient outcomes.”

As a service-disabled military veteran, Halterman says he understands the importance of readily available and high-quality medical imaging. “I know first-hand how patients feel when they need an imaging study done as soon as possible,” he says. “Our job at National Imaging Solutions is to help people and fix things—and the ultimate benefactor of that mission is the patient.”

“By partnering with DynaRad Corp, we have expanded our products to more facilities across the country, reduced customer response times, and brought three decades of equipment manufacturing experience into our team,” Halterman adds. “DynaRad’s x-ray systems are a great fit as we continue to expand our medical imaging products and help patients in need, regardless of if they’re in a traditional hospital setting or not.”