Imaging Endpoints (IE), an imaging CRO (iCRO) that provides comprehensive central imaging services and technology solutions throughout the clinical trial process, announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has approved the patent for Imaging Endpoints’ Proprietary Medical Imaging System (Patent 11361020).

Imaging Endpoints was issued the patent, allowing all 20 of the submitted claims for its Proprietary Medical Imaging System that provides an industry-leading approach for optimizing large imaging datasets to enable radiomic and other research.  The technology involves the following processes, to be applied in an automated manner to databases containing millions of images:

  • Retrieving DICOM image files from any applicable database and applying a search query to a separate database to link the DICOM image with its associated radiology report and other patient medical records.
  • Structuring report information and medical records into a searchable format and de-identifying protected health information pursuant to applicable regulations.
  • Enabling queries of the DICOM database and/or medical records for specific patient characteristics such as tumor type, response assessments (e.g., RECIST, RANO, Lugano, etc.), radiologic characterization (e.g., BiRads/Pi-Rads, etc.), incidental findings, molecular profiling (mutation status), immune state, tissue and laboratory biomarkers (e.g., CA19-9, CEA, etc.), demographics, pre-existing risk factors and conditions, treatment types, and other information.
  • Automatically segregating the image along with its medical records and presenting search results in a graphical user interface.

Imaging Endpoints’ Proprietary System contains multiple interconnecting processes and technological solutions that prioritize efficiency and data security. This new system will work in concert with Imaging Endpoints’ BRAIN (Batched Radiomics AI Network) and Real Intelligence (RI) platforms to enable IE to provide top-tier services as the leader in the analysis of large imaging datasets for radiomics and other research purposes. 

“This patent demonstrates our commitment to innovation and our dedication to connecting imaging to the cure™ by developing and applying the most advanced imaging technologies available globally,” said Doug Dean Burkett, PhD, Chief Executive Officer and President at Imaging Endpoints. “We will continue to push the boundaries of imaging science in our mission to revolutionize the data an imaging CRO can provide.”

[Source(s): Imaging Endpoints, PR Newswire]