NANO-X Imaging Ltd. (Nanox), a medical imaging company based in Neve Ilan, Israel, has entered into an agreement with International Clinics Group, Santiago, a medical equipment distributor which serves public and private hospitals, health systems, military hospitals, and medical centers in Chile, Bolivia, and Peru. 

Subject to regulatory approval, Nanox and International Clinics Group will deploy 350 Nanox Systems and auxiliary cloud services in both private and public healthcare facilities, to improve the availability of medical imaging for the overall population of Chile, Bolivia and Peru.

The Nanox System is composed of the Nanox.ARC, a medical imaging system with a smaller footprint and lower cost than legacy x-ray technology, and the Nanox.CLOUD, a companion cloud-based software designed to complement the Nanox.ARC and provide end-to-end medical imaging services. The Nanox.CLOUD is expected to include image analysis and repository, radiologist matching, online and offline diagnostics review, annotation, billing, and reporting.

The Nanox System is also designed to support advanced AI-based diagnostic and decision support systems that are expected to provide radiology services to remote populations and alleviate the acute lack of radiologists worldwide.

“We are very pleased to deepen our presence in South America,” says Ran Poliakine, chairman and CEO of Nanox. “Medical imaging systems are an important diagnostic tool that we believe are key to increasing early detection and better patient outcomes around the world. International Clinics Group shares our vision to bring medical scanning to all communities in Chile with the highest medical and technological standard.”

According to the World Health Organization, approximately two-thirds of the world’s population does not have access to medical imaging systems, with many facing substantial wait times for scanning. For example, Chile has approximately 24 scanning machines per one million people. Yet, most devices are located in the three major cities in Chile, while the rural population has almost no access to scanning machines.

“We are very excited to sign the agreement with NANO-X Imaging Ltd. to deploy medical imaging systems across Chile,” says Francisco J. Acevedo, CEO of International Clinics Group. “Although Chile, Bolivia, and Peru have relatively high adoption rate of CTs per million people, the vast majority of these machines are located in the largest cities and serve mostly the privately insured individuals, while people who reside in rural communities suffer from lack of scanning services. With this partnership, we aim to enable all people from all around Chile, Bolivia, and Peru to access medical imaging without having to travel for hours to the nearest hospital.”