Israel-based Nanox has agreed to purchase fellow Israeli company Zebra Medical Vision for $200 million. Under the deal, Nanox will pay the artificial intelligence imaging analytics company $100 million upfront and a subsequent $100 million once certain milestones have been met.

The agreement puts Zebra-Med on track to expand its mission of diagnosing populations at scale with its artificial intelligence (AI)-based solutions, enabling integrated delivery networks and commercial payers to detect and treat patients at risk for chronic conditions while accurately adjusting their covered population risk. In support of broader adoption of AI and reimbursement policies, Zebra-Med has managed to bring value to patients and healthcare systems by attaining a CPT code for its AI-based product together with the American College of Radiology.

In addition, Zebra-Med will support Nanox’s medical device strategy by embedding its AI solutions into its imaging equipment, making medical imaging for diagnosis more easily accessible—especially for under-resourced communities—delivered using a scalable cloud infrastructure.

“Zebra Medical Vision has always operated with the goal of expanding the use of AI in medical imaging to improve health outcomes for patients worldwide,” says Zohar Elhanani, CEO of Zebra Medical Vision. “A trusted, innovative, partner like Nanox can boost our capabilities while sharing our vision for AI which we believe can be best served through the combination of a groundbreaking imaging equipment technology, AI solutions, delivered over state-of-the-art cloud infrastructure.“

Ran Poliakine, Nanox’s chairman and CEO, also spoke out about the acquisition, commenting: “Expanding access to medical imaging via widespread deployment of the Nanox.ARC solves one of the obstacles to achieving true population health management. The Nanox.ARC, together with Zebra-Med, would move us toward our vision of deploying our systems.“

Poliakine adds, “Our plan is to double down on Zebra-Med’s AI and cloud platform effort, strengthen the industry-leading team even further, and solidify Zebra-Med’s leadership position in the radiology space. This strategic move represents an end-to-end, globally connected medical imaging solution.”