Brain mapping software company Prism Clinical Imaging, Inc., and quantitative imaging solutions provider Imaging Biometrics, LLC (IB) have inked a deal to provide a comprehensive package of brain mapping and analysis tools for clinical use in diagnosing brain disease and guiding treatment.

Prism and IB, both with foundational ties to the Medical College of Wisconsin, each offer specialized clinical solutions for patients with brain tumors and other neurological disorders. Prism provides software and web-based services for the acquisition, analysis, and display of functional MRI (fMRI) and diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) data. It also provides tools to combine fMRI and DTI with other imaging, such as PET. These technologies identify critical spatial relationships and functional structures to avoid during treatment, such as surgery. 

Complementary to fMRI and DTI are IB’s MR perfusion, Delta T1, and diffusion applications which provide physiological information critical for the diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up of brain tumor patients. Together, Prism’s products identify and guide clinicians to the tumor site, then IB’s products highlight the most aggressive portions of the tumor key for targeting surgical removal. 

Together, the combined suite of tools enables the physician to remove a tumor most effectively while maximally preserving brain function, company officials say. “The scientific rigor and clinical validation of the Imaging Biometrics tools make them an excellent fit to the Prism Suite’s workflow approach,” adds Prism CEO James L. Reuss, PhD. “IB’s quantitative reports and maps will integrate seamlessly with the Brain Imaging Clinical Report generated by Prism’s software.”

Michael Schmainda, CEO of IB, also spoke out about the deal, commenting: “This agreement makes total sense. Both companies speak to the same clinical teams, and we now can offer them a very complete and comprehensive solution for their patients. Plus, we can now provide this as either a complete user-owned software platform or on a case-by-case online service, whichever best suits the customer’s needs.”