Hyperfine Inc., creator of Swoop, the U.S. FDA-cleared portable MRI system, has appointed Chip Truwit, MD, FACR, as senior medical director. For more than 30 years, Truwit has committed his talents to clinical practice in public sector healthcare and neuroradiology education, according to company officials.

“We feel privileged to welcome Dr. Truwit to the Hyperfine team,” says Khan Siddiqui, MD, Hyperfine’s chief medical officer and chief strategy officer. “His remarkable experience in neuroradiology and his work with underserved communities will make considerable contributions to the Hyperfine mission of increasing access to critical, life-saving MR imaging throughout the world.”

Dr. Chip Truwit

Before joining Hyperfine, Truwit served as chief medical officer of diagnostic imaging and medical officer of precision diagnosis at Philips Healthcare, where he provided medical leadership and radiology expertise. Truwit’s career includes 27 years as a professor of neuroradiology at the University of Minnesota, as well as 19 years as radiology chair and three years as chief innovation officer at Hennepin County Medical Center. 

Truwit co-founded Image-Guided Neurologics (acquired by Medtronic in 2005) based on his pioneering work in intraoperative MR-guided neurosurgery with conventional cylindrical MR scanners at 1.5T and 3T. He has written more than 130 articles and four books on neuroscience and holds 31 patents for medical devices.

“I’m pleased to be invited to join the Hyperfine team on its journey,” Truwit says. “In addition to increasing workflow efficiencies at hospitals and clinics grappling with the pandemic, Hyperfine is pioneering point-of-care brain MR to populations that otherwise have had limited or no access and improving the lives of children around the world, especially in underserved areas. Hyperfine offers me a return to my roots in pediatric neuroimaging and my efforts at expanding access to care.”