Candelis, Inc., Newport Beach, Calif., and Fujifilm Medical Systems U.S.A., Inc., Lexington, Mass., announced a partnership to enhance the image workflow, management, and storage capabilities for the ASPIRE Cristalle 3D mammography system and Persona CT computed tomography solution.

The two companies will leverage each other’s technologies and industry resources to offer a unique solution in women’s healthcare and computed tomography. Fujifilm Medical Systems U.S.A., Inc. will now offer the Candelis ImageGrid suite of products, including ImageGrid, ImageGrid Mini, and ImageGrid Plus, with the ASPIRE Cristalle Mammography System, to improve the data management challenges created by the large amount of data generated by 3D imaging. In addition, the ImageGrid suite of products and Candelis’ ASTRA cloud storage and image transfer services will be offered with the portfolio of Fujifilm’s diagnostic imaging solutions, including the Persona CT.

Candelis and Fujifilm have partnered to design an imaging environment that will allow radiologists to overcome common productivity challenges by using scalable storage and imaging transfer solutions for high-volume and complex diagnostic workflows. The partnership will provide a tomosynthesis optimized ecosystem behind the mammography gantry to seamlessly streamline workflow in small and large enterprise environments and distributed environments where remote reading and teleradiology is part of the workflow. Accordingly, the ImageGrid products will provide pre-fetching, routing, interfacing, and archiving functionalities for the imaging environments.

“We continue to build our reputation as an innovator in diagnostic imaging technology. This cooperation is a landmark deal for bringing cost-effective and efficient solutions for healthcare providers of any size,” says Rick Banner, senior director of marketing, modality solutions, Fujifilm Medical Systems U.S.A., Inc. “The powerful combination of the ASPIRE Cristalle and Persona CT with Candelis’ products will allow clinicians to overcome their productivity challenges and help patients receive their diagnosis faster.”

Adds Robert Van Uitert, PhD, vice president of marketing at Candelis, “We are excited to collaborate with Fujifilm to provide our cost-effective solutions to a growing number of customers. The ImageGrid suite of products, in conjunction with the Aspire Cristalle and Persona CT, will provide Fujifilm’s customers with a solution that is highly optimized for automating and simplifying imaging workflows, while improving business efficiencies,” said 

The Candelis portfolio consists of image management, routing, and archiving solutions to optimize medical image workflow and storage. ImageGrid provides a feature-rich and scalable enterprise image management platform for end-to-end support of radiology workflows. ImageGrid Mini offers a robust and cost-effective image management on a single small footprint hardware platform. ImageGrid Plus is an enterprise class data management server ideal for facilities with a heavy image volume environment.

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