Calyx, the eClinical and Regulatory solutions and services provider relied on for solving complex data challenges in clinical research, announced a strategic partnership with Neosoma Inc, an innovative medical technology company focused on advancing brain cancer treatment. Through this partnership, Calyx Medical Imaging extends Neosoma HGG (High-Grade Glioma), a novel AI-based neuro-oncology software device to its worldwide customers who are developing treatments for glioblastoma, the most common and challenging, malignant primary brain cancer.

“Neosoma’s expertise in AI imaging development nicely complements Calyx’s two decades of experience in clinical trial imaging and the insights we’ve gleaned from having successfully supported nearly 100 neuro-oncology clinical trials,” said Stephen Bravo, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Calyx. “We’re pleased to extend Neosoma’s innovation to clinical development and give our customers greater confidence that the important imaging data they depend on to evaluate their glioblastoma compounds’ effectiveness is accurate and reliable.”

Clinical trials of glioblastoma treatments are complex, largely because gliomas have highly irregular and infiltrating shapes that are difficult even for experienced neuro-radiologists to delineate. Volumetric tumor assessments – which are becoming commonly used as exploratory endpoints – currently need to be conducted manually by neuroradiologists, which presents a time-consuming and difficult challenge for glioma image analysis in clinical trials. Leveraging advanced artificial intelligence, Neosoma HGG has been shown to achieve 95.5% accuracy in tumor volume measurement as established by consensus reads, which exceeds that of individual neuro-radiology experts and can save time while generating consistent, automated volumetric assessments of tumor change.

“Calyx’s Medical Imaging team is widely recognized as the leader in clinical trial imaging, especially in oncology, where experience and deep therapeutic area expertise are critical,” said Aly Abayazeed, MD, Chief Medical Officer, and Co-founder, Neosoma. ‘We are delighted to provide faster and more precise assessment of high-grade gliomas to their customers to advance glioblastoma trials and ultimately bring improved treatment options to patients with this life-threatening disease.”

This partnership will extend to other AI-based solutions being developed by Neosoma and reflects Calyx’s strategy of partnering with best-in-class technology providers to offer innovative imaging biomarkers required to find new treatments for unmet medical needs.

[Source(s): Calyx, PR Newswire]