The American College of Radiology (ACR) has granted the 2023 Fund for Collaborative Research in Imaging (FCRI) to two teams, providing a one-time investment to support innovative research in radiology.

The chosen research teams, selected after a rigorous review process, include Amir Iravani, MD, and Delphine Chen, MD, from the University of Washington; Elizabeth Sadowski, MD, from the University of Wisconsin, Madison; and Caroline Reinhold, MD, from McGill University in Montreal, serving as principal investigators for their respective projects.

“We’re excited for and supportive of the FCRI awardees for 2023 and are happy to be contributing to the field of theranostics and research registries with these projects, respectively,” says Etta Pisano, MD, FACR, ACR chief research officer. “The FCRI is a valuable mechanism for researchers to accomplish a proof of concept that can then lead to innovative outcomes in the field of radiology. We look forward to working with Drs. Chen and Iravani, and Drs. Sadowski and Reinhold, completing their projects successfully, and collaborating on future research.”

Iravani and Chen will study PSMA theranostics and molecular imaging biomarkers and the critical knowledge gaps that prevent the ability to move forward with implementing biomarkers in multicenter clinical trials and clinical practice. The preliminary thresholds and criteria developed in this study in collaboration with ACR will be applied in a multicenter repository database for external validation and potential incorporation into clinical practice and trials.

Sadowski and Reinhold will create an Ovarian Reporting and Data System (O-RADS) research repository. The overall goal of the registry is to provide a large cohort of curated cases with clinical data that can be utilized by multiple investigators for future studies aimed at assessing diagnostic accuracy, clinical outcomes, healthcare disparities, population health, and studies involving AI and machine learning.

Awardees are selected from ACR member applicants working on projects related to the domains of the College’s research committees: molecular imaging, pediatric imaging, cardiothoracic radiology, neuroradiology, head injury, and interventional radiology. The ACR Center for Research and Innovation received 11 full applications and the two awardees were chosen after reviews with the Research Selection committee.

Grants are available to full-time faculty and trainees with an MD, DO, PhD, or equivalent degree in educational institutions and private practices within the United States.