PACSHealth has announced a partnership with Dell Healthcare and Life Sciences for the latter to distribute, market, and host DoseMonitor OnLine, PACSHealth’s software solution for monitoring patient exposure to ionizing radiation.

The DoseMonitor system automates the reporting process by eliminating manual steps and reducing human error. Capabilities include:

  • Enterprise level multi-modality support for a range of modalities, including CT, mammography, direct radiography, computed radiography, and angiography
  • Reporting functions, including dose by technologist by procedure and dose by physician by procedure
  • Intelligent patient search, including search by name and medical record number

Dell will offer the software as a service for current and future customers using the Dell Cloud Clinical Archive service (DCCA). According to the company, the system is one of the largest medical archives in the world and currently hosts more than 7.5 billion images from 1,050 clinical sites.

“Healthcare providers are looking to gain greater insights into their data to make well-informed decisions about the care they provide to patients,” said Jim Champagne, executive director of Dell Healthcare and Life Sciences. “With DoseMonitor OnLine as part of our Dell Cloud Clinical Archive, customers have new analytic capabilities to support the quest to make healthcare safer and more effective.”

For more information, visit PACSHealth.