Twinsburg, Ohio-based CEIA USA, a provider of security screening solutions, announces the availability of the CEIA PD240CH-Z4 portable handheld patient screener for use in MRI facilities, including Zone 4.

The PD240CH-Z4 includes a large detection area for fast and accurate screening operations and is the only hand-held MRI patient screening device capable of separately detecting either ferrous metallic items only or all non-ferrous metallic items. It’s dual-tone and dual-color signaling enables high precision pinpointing for item location.

Given its non-magnetic construction, the PD240CH-Z4 can be used inside the MRI room (Zone 4) without the risk to be attracted or damaged by the magnets while not comprising performance or creating a potential projectile risk. It can also be utilized as part of the pre-screening process outside of the MRI room (Zone 4).

To maximize screening flexibility and versatility, the PD240CH-Z4 features three modes of operation at the press of a button. These modes include: head—high performance ferrous only for very small magnetic metals, body—small magnetic metals detection typically in the body, or all metals—all metal detection around the whole body.