Radiologists all over the world are breaking international barriers to share images to help each other understand COVID-19, according to a report in ABC News in Australia.

A 30-year-old woman, seemingly healthy and with no coronavirus symptoms, presented to an imaging department in Iran after losing a relative to COVID-19.

Under routine protocols this patient would not be given a chest scan, but in this instance, doctors made an exception. Within days her CT scan, which showed markings typical of COVID-19 pneumonia, had been seen by doctors all around the world.

Since the virus took hold in Iran in February, radiologist Dr Bahman Rasuli has shared 11 CT scans with the Australian-based medical website,

The Tehran-based doctor’s most recent upload was the lung scan of the 30-year-old woman.

“She insisted on taking a CT scan because she was very worried,” he said.

“Maybe this case in Australia would not have taken a CT scan, despite her insisting, but the physician saw her worry about the person who died and we just did the CT scan to relieve her mind.”

Two days later, she was in hospital with a confirmed case of the disease.

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Featured image: Iranian radiologist Bahman Rasuli is currently working from his home in Tehran. Credit: Dr Bahman Rasuli