Australian 7News shares CT scans and videos from a JAMA Network journal article detailing the symptoms of 138 coronavirus patients.

“The CT scans of coronavirus patients are showing up white flecks, referred to by radiologists as “ground glass opacity.”

“These flecks aren’t specific to coronavirus patients— they can show up in the scans of people with varying types of infectionsbut there is one significant difference.

“The study has determined that the white flecks of coronavirus scans extend all the way out to the edges of the lungs, which is rarer.

“The same phenomenon showed up in CT scans of patients with SARS and MERS, the Middle East respiratory syndrome.”

Read more from 7News in Australia and read the paper at JAMA Network.


Featured image: Chest Computed Tomographic Images of a 52-Year-Old Patient Infected With 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV). A, Chest computed tomographic images obtained on January 7, 2020, show ground glass opacity in both lungs on day 5 after symptom onset. B, Images taken on January 21, 2020, show the absorption of bilateral ground glass opacity after the treatment of extracorporeal membrane oxygenation from January 7 to 12 in the intensive care unit.