AHRA, The Association for Medical Imaging Management, the professional organization representing all levels of management in hospital imaging departments, freestanding imaging centers, and group practices, announces that it is launching Leaders of Choice, a 3-year ongoing education program sponsored by United Imaging, the global medical imaging company with U.S. headquarters in Houston.

AHRA’s new program will run for a full year, starting with a half day workshop at AHRA’s 2022 Annual Meeting in Phoenix followed by 9 webinars, and culminating at AHRA 2023. This program will prepare senior imaging professionals to be the confident, next-level leaders needed to manage the increasingly complex healthcare environment. In addition to growing overall business skills, presentation skills, and financial acumen, participants will be challenged to be bold thinkers, capable of changing the status quo and choosing the path forward for their organizations.

The program will be facilitated by AHRA’s long-time partner Traction Business Development.

Daniel Kelsey, AHRA’s CEO, says, “We are pleased to launch this transformative leadership program in collaboration with Traction Business Development and United Imaging, powerful forces for change in Healthcare. The program aligns well with AHRA’s mission and vision to be ‘a driving force toward improving the healthcare environment.’ Providing AHRA leaders with programs like this, that help them advance and become the change agents that organizations need, is our top priority, and we’re eager to kick it off at AHRA’s 50th Annual Meeting.”

According to Michael Coulter, Senior VP of Market Strategy & Commercialization for United Imaging in the U.S., the program was important for them to support not only because AHRA is an important partner, but because “United Imaging wants to help create a new breed of fearless leaders, to make sure that as an industry we’re always thinking collectively about how to continuously push things forward and deliver value for healthcare organizations. For those who want to be that kind of leader, this program will really support them in an innovative way, and we’re very happy to sponsor it.”

[Source(s): United Imaging Healthcare Co Ltd, PR Newswire]