Author: Marianne Matthews

AI Tool Aims to Transform Radiology

With an annual caseload of nearly 6 million patient studies, a company like Virtual Radiologic (vRad) is hugely appealing to information technology firms looking to apply their algorithms in the healthcare space. The substantial amount of data generated from vRad’s vast teleradiology network of 2,100-plus client facilities is a goldmine for enterprising companies hoping to ensure appropriate learning and to build proper models.
That’s what MetaMind founder and chief executive Richard Socher had in mind when he approached vRad with an idea to collaborate on radiology diagnostics.

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How CIOs Can Create the Voice of IT

A recent survey indicates that CIOs across industries are recognizing the need to step up their communication skills. When it comes to emergency situations, CIOs and their IT teams can score big points by clearly outlining disaster recovery and business continuity plans. To learn more, read this article in

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