Hologic Inc. and Bayer have forged an international partnership aimed at expanding access to contrast-enhanced mammography (CEM) solutions in multiple countries across Europe, Canada, and the Asia Pacific. The objective of this collaboration is to enhance breast cancer detection and improve diagnostic accuracy for women worldwide.

CEM is a breast imaging modality that combines digital mammography with the use of a contrast agent, facilitating breast cancer diagnosis and treatment guidance.

This partnership unites Hologic’s mammography gantries with Bayer’s CEM-approved injection systems to enable the administration of contrast media during mammography examinations. Additionally, it includes comprehensive product packages and training to assist radiologists and healthcare professionals in integrating CEM into their diagnostic procedures.

Tanja Brycker, vice president, strategic development for breast and skeletal health, and gynecologic solutions at Hologic, highlights the significance of this partnership, stating, “Our partnership with Bayer will enable clinicians worldwide to offer CEM as part of the breast cancer diagnostic workflow. As a leader in mammography and women’s health, we are committed to expanding access to advanced breast imaging technology, reflecting our dedication to promoting better health for women worldwide.”

Gerd Krueger, president of radiology at Bayer, emphasizes the global impact of breast cancer and the need for accurate detection, saying, “Breast cancer is the world’s most prevalent cancer, impacting millions of women across the globe. Timely and precise detection is crucial for patient outcomes and saving lives.” 

Krueger adds, “We are enthusiastic about collaborating with Hologic to provide a comprehensive solution that increases access to an emerging breast imaging modality, enhancing diagnostic accuracy, and offering an alternative option for women who require it.”

The collaboration between Hologic and Bayer signifies progress in enhancing breast cancer detection and global women’s health, company officials say.