The SenoScan TrueView from Fischer Imaging offers integrated CAD software for screening mammography.

Fischer Imaging Corp (Denver, Colo) displays the new SenoScan TrueView Digital Mammography Scanning System with “integrated” computer aided detection (CAD) software for screening mammography. With a push of a button, CAD marks are displayed on the softcopy SenoScan Review Work Station (RWS) contributing to improved workflow. Fischer plans to highlight new CAD product solutions for both analog and digital (hybrid) utilization. CAD products, capable of both analog and digital mammography processing, should lead to improved cost efficiencies.

Fischer also demonstrates the new MammoTest Select stereotactic breast biopsy table. New features include the Elite camera to provide better visualization of lesions.

GE Medical Systems (GEMS of Waukesha, Wis) debuts Premium View, a breast algorithm for the GE Senographe 2000D full-field digital mammography system. The new tool is designed to increase radiologists’ diagnostic confidence by optimizing image contrast and automatically displaying more detailed information to assess breast cancer. Premium View optimizes the contrast in breast images in one image window, reducing the need for windowing and additional steps to view the images as well as increasing radiologists’ productivity. Premium View also improves visualization of the breast in dense regions while maintaining peripheral contrast at the skin line and chest wall.

GEMS also is showcasing Seno Advantage. The new multimodality breast imaging workstation allows physicians to view breast images from MR scans, ultrasound, mammograms, and PET and PET/CT images.

The company also is touting a recent agreement with CADx Systems, Inc (Quebec, Canada) to distribute two new computer-aided detection technologies, Second Look and Second Look AD, new technologies that are compatible with the GE Senographe 2000D.

 iCAD’s new iQ CAD system is specially designed to fit within the space of smaller mammography clinics.

iCAD (Nashua, NH) demonstrates its new iCAD iQ Computer Aided Detection system. The product is targeted toward clinics that perform less than 10–15 mammography procedures per day. iQ is designed to fit within the limited space of smaller mammography clinics and will be priced about 30% below currently available CAD systems.

Also new from iCAD is ClickCAD, a fee-for-procedure program for qualifying women’s health clinics and mammography centers. Under the ClickCAD program, iCAD will install its iQ systems in mammography clinics at no up-front capital cost to the customer. Clinics will pay iCAD a fee for each CAD procedure performed.

Kodak (Rochester, NY) brings its works-in-progress CAD system for mammography to RSNA 2003. The system leverages technology acquired from MiraMedica Inc. The system digitizes film-screen mammograms and highlights areas of the image that represent regions suspicious of cancer for investigation by radiologists. The system’s advanced CAD algorithms recently received an approvable letter from the FDA.

R2 Technology Inc (Sunnyvale, Calif) shows its ImageChecker DM CAD system. The technology provides a foundation for the mixed film and digital mammography environment by offering an integrated solution with an open architecture and a vendor neutral platform to support CAD processing for analog and digital mammography. The system can transmit CAD results to multiple display units and to archive systems. These additional capabilities are part of R2’s growing suite of CAD products for digital mammography based on the company’s OmniCAD technology. The ImageChecker DM CAD system will initially support digital images acquired on the GE Senographe 2000D and will support enhanced interpretative workflow through the integration of R2’s CAD CheckMate display with PenRad mammography reporting workstations. Future releases will support other full field digital mammography systems, including Fischer, Hologic/Lorad, and Siemens, and will integrate with other mammography reporting companies and RIS providers.

R2’s new R2004 algorithm—featuring multiple operating points and introduced with the new ImageChecker DM CAD system—allows film-based users to choose the preferred CAD setting that best meets the needs of their practice. The algorithm enables users to maximize CAD sensitivity or minimize false positive marks, targeting improved detection and decreased FP rate.

Siemens Medical Solutions (Malvern, Pa) debuts its digital mammography system, Mammomat Novation. The Siemens Novation/Opdima combination represents the first all-in-one unit that is capable of supporting entire digital mammography work-up. Siemens also highlights its agreement with i3ARCHIVE to distribute the National Digital Mammography Archive (NDMA) to health care facilities nationwide. This agreement includes marketing, sales, and research and development activities. Siemens offers NDMA as an integrated part of its mammography solution.