VuComp, manufacturer of the M-Vu Breast Density tool, has announced an upgrade that accounts not only for the amount, but also the distribution and dispersion, of fibroglandular tissue. M-Vu Breast Density 2.0 will be available as an upgrade to existing users immediately.

VuComp’s tool uses automated technology to scan a woman’s breast and assign a density category corresponding to the BI-RADS standards for breast composition.

Breast density can mask the appearance of lesions and make it more difficult to detect the presence of cancer. 16 states currently require physicians to notify their patients if they fall into one of the two higher categories for breast density.

“VuComp understands that breast density measurement is deeper than just an analysis of volume, “said VuComp president Jim Pike. “We are dedicated to continual improvements in the science of automated density and believe that radiologists will recognize the clinical utility of this tool to be even more useful to their practice than before.”

For more information, visit VuComp.