The 2018 American College of Radiology (ACR) Digital Mammography Quality Control Manual with Digital Breast Tomosynthesis (DBT) is now available in electronic format.

“The new 2018 Digital Mammography QC Manual will promote uniformity and consistency of QC procedures across the broad spectrum of FDA-approved manufacturers,” says manual author and chair of the ACR Subcommittee on Mammography Quality Assurance, Eric Berns, PhD. “The new manual includes quality control procedures that cover both 2D mammography and DBT, allowing a single, unified, quality control program for all facilities no matter what type of unit they have.”

A link was automatically sent to the all mammography facilities accredited by the ACR to download the new manual at no charge. Lead technologists and online facility users are encouraged to share this link with their colleagues at the facility. Moreover, medical physicists associated with these facilities may also obtain the link from their facilities, or contact the ACR to download the new manual at no charge.

Individuals not associated with ACR-accredited facilities may purchase the manual from the ACR Catalog.