Addressing the need for sharing medical data, 21 European military hospitals and clinics now have access to their medical images through Stanford, Conn based FujiFilm Medical Systems Synapse™ PACS®. The web-based solution shares data utilizing the first virtual server in the European Department of Defense (DOD).

The U.S. military was one of the early adopters of PACS systems in the 1990’s. Continuing in that tradition, the European Regional Medical Command (ERMC) has replaced its legacy PACS system with the web based Synapse system, which will provide the ERMC with enhanced communication between its various ERMC hospital and clinics and with more efficient workflow.

Because Synapse is web based, patient images can now be viewed anywhere within the ERMC network, Air Force and Navy sites in Europe and abroad. Patients being treated within ERMC command facilities include personnel transferred from Iraq, Afghanistan, and other areas around Europe.

As with all medical records, but especially for the military, Synapse is also able to comply with the required security measures to protect patient privacy.

Source: Press Release