MagnaServ Inc. (Stuart, Fla.) unveiled its new 1.5T Infinity SX MRI system, which was cleared by the FDA in April 2002. The 1.5T Infinity SX features include a 1.5T short-bore OR70 active shield magnet, standard 28 m/T 100 slew rate gradient package, and advanced parallel processing for ultra fast imaging protocol. Clinical benefits translate to increased patient throughput, enhanced image resolution, high-speed data acquisition and high-speed processing. MagnaServ noted that the 1.5T Infinity SX is the genesis of seven years of R&D to produce a high-end MRI without the high-end cost. The company added that its 3.0T Omega LS whole body MRI is set for availability this year.

Data-Ray Corp. (Westminster, Colo.) has introduced a full line of Precision LCD systems. The display line will include the Precision 1, the Precision 2, the Precision 3 and the Precision 5. Each display system will include the Precision LCD panel, graphic controller and DR. KAL calibration software. The Precision 1 is a completely digital 20.1-inch diagonal, 1 mega-pixel gray scale LCD flat-panel display with more than 1,700 visible gray shades. The feature is designed to provide greater grayscale depth for precise medical imaging. The Precision 2 is a 20.1-inch analog and digital, 2 Mega-Pixel LCD flat-panel display designed to operate with an analog system.

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