­MedInformatix has announced a partnership with PhoneTree, a provider of phone, text, and email solutions.

MedInformatix and PhoneTree will work to integrate their respective EHR and messaging technology platforms. The new preferred partnership is an extension of a collaborative relationship that has existed between MedInformatix and PhoneTree for several years.  

As part of the initial phase of the new partnership, technology teams have begun to integrate PhoneTree’s HealthWave messaging solution with the existing MedInformatix EHR and enterprise project management (EPM) platforms.

HealthWave assists practices of all sizes and complexity to contact patients by phone, text, email, or any combination to inform them of appointments, pre and post-care instructions, payment options and updates and other important provider-patient information.

Follow-up reports detail patient engagement and response rates. HealthWave clients have reported a reduction in the number of missed or no-show appointments, improved rate of payment collections, and an overall increase in office efficiency.

Phase two of the partnership includes the implementation of a bi-directional interface that will integrate the shared client base of MedInformatix-PhoneTree allowing users to access messaging tasks from either company’s dashboard. The bi-directional component is expected to be available by the end of 2013.