Concert AI’s TeraRecon announces that it has added FEops to its Clinical AI solutions for Left Atrial Appendage (LAA) occlusion in structural heart planning procedures. This collaboration includes the integration of FEops HEARTguide solution, demonstrating the companies’ shared commitment to improving patient outcomes through clinical AI technologies.

“The addition of FEops HEARTguide enhances TeraRecon’s comprehensive offerings, particularly in cardiology and cardiovascular care,” says Dan McSweeney, president of TeraRecon. “With the addition of FEops’ advanced Digital Twin Clinical AI solution into TeraRecon solutions, we are poised to provide clinicians with an unparalleled tool streamlining CT-based pre-treatment planning for structural heart interventions, leading to more informed decision-making.”

FEops HEARTguide is a cloud-based procedure planning solution in the structural heart, based on Digital Twin technologies. With the U.S. introduction for the LAA occlusion workflow, FEops HEARTguide enables U.S. physicians to virtually model different implant positions and sizes of FDA-approved LAA devices, aiding physicians in the selection of the optimal size and position for a specific patient.

Established clinical evidence from the randomized, controlled PREDICT-LAA trial has shown that FEops’ digital twin-based planning for LAA closure results in improved procedure efficiency and outcomes as compared to standard CT-based planning. 

“We are thrilled to join forces with TeraRecon to integrate our FEops HEARTguide solution into TeraRecon’s software,” says Matthieu De Beule, CEO of FEops. “This collaboration is a testament to our shared vision of leveraging technology to transform healthcare. By bringing FEops HEARTguide’s advanced capabilities to TeraRecon’s platform, we aim to equip clinicians with a tool that empowers them to provide optimized care to patients with cardiovascular conditions.”

The TeraRecon FEops collaboration demonstrates how Digital Twin technology and Clinical AI can transform medical diagnosis and treatment planning for personalized cardiac care.