Artificial intelligence software-as-a-service company Concert AI’s TeraRecon announces that its Eureka Clinical AI platform’s Cardio Suite now provides clinicians with advanced artificial intelligence and deep learning technology necessary to help identify, treat, and manage cardiovascular disease.

Eureka Clinical AI is a clinical AI hosting solution that enables TeraRecon’s first-party and third-party AI solutions to be deployed across the enterprise as part of standardized and orchestrated workflows. The addition of Cardio Suite to the Eureka Clinical AI platform helps reduce image processing and interpretation times and expedite disease diagnosis and care coordination. It also provides the data needed to support treatment decisions for cardiac patients, TeraRecon officials say.

“The Cardio Suite represents our second installment of dedicated care area suites following the launch of the Neuro Suite earlier this year,” says Dan McSweeney, President of TeraRecon. “We are committed to supporting cardiologists and clinicians by bringing novel AI powered solutions, such as our Cardio Suite, forward to more efficiently help physicians screen and diagnose cardiac disease patients so that appropriate treatments can be delivered.”

Cardio Suite, powered with partners and Coreline Soft, aims to fully automate the analysis and interpretation of echocardiograms and chest CT exams to assess, monitor, and help inform treatment decisions for cardiac patients. Through automated measurements and reports, these AI technologies can help reduce image interpretation times and improve workflows while maintaining accuracy and reducing variability between operators and devices, company officials say.

Us2.v1 from is a patented, automated clinical workflow solution that recognizes and analyzes 2D and Doppler echo images for comprehensive cardiac measurements needed for the diagnosis, prediction, and prognosis of heart disease. This machine learning technology can reduce the time to process and interpret echocardiograms from 30 minutes to under two minutes, with zero variability and with accuracy comparable to expert clinicians. 

“With a global installed base of roughly 1,900 health sites, TeraRecon represents a significant and immediate distribution opportunity for the unique capabilities of,” says Seth Koeppel, head of business development at “Coupled with a national shortage of sonographers, the combination of our leading-edge applications will support hospitals and providers as well as patients. We look forward to bringing the power of our AI-enabled cardiovascular solution to more cardiac care teams and patients.”