Affidea, a European provider of advanced diagnostics, outpatient and cancer care services, announces a strategic partnership with Incepto, supplier and creator of artificial intelligence solutions in the medical sector. Through this partnership, Affidea will use the Incepto platform to integrate and use four AI solutions in the field of oncology, neurology and breast in 14 centers in Portugal.

The Incepto platform offers Affidea’s doctors the access to a portfolio of AI solutions that Affidea is piloting under one single secured platform, directly integrated with its PACS/RIS infrastructure. Through this single platform, Affidea’s radiologists will be able to access and use in their daily clinical activity 4 different AI solutions focused on oncology, neurology and breast specialties, without changing any equipment or without having to integrate each AI software separately.

This solution comes with great benefits for patients and doctors:

  • Improved patient care through AI-aided detection, measurement and diagnostics confidence
  • Operational optimization through shorter acquisition times, triage and prioritization
  • Reassurance for the medical staff

Over the past few years, Affidea has heavily invested in digital infrastructure and IT capabilities. At this moment, Affidea is piloting 10 AI solutions in 10 countries within its network, allowing for further opportunities of extending the use of Incepto platform to integrate multiple AI applications.

On its side, and with already more than 100 clinical sites using its platform, Incepto will bring to Affidea its unique expertise in integrating AI in clinical routine, both from a technical and clinical standpoint.

After this first deployment in Portugal, Incepto and Affidea plan to accelerate the process of integrating different AI solutions in the medical centers’ workflow and to roll it out across other Affidea countries where the company is ready thanks to previous experiences.

“We are very excited about the partnership with Affidea, which will mark a change of dimension for Incepto and be the first step of our ambition to generalize AI usage to all European patients.  It also demonstrates that we are supporting every imaging actors including the largest groups, with all the efficiency and performance requirements that this implies. This is an essential step towards enabling the greatest number of patients to benefit from the latest applications of AI in healthcare,” says Antoine Jomier, Incepto CEO and Co-founder.

“The more we advance on the road of AI implementation, the more we need to think about the complexity of integrating multiple AI solutions in a safe and compliant way, offering clear benefits to our patients and radiologists in every country. Making it simple is not easy but at Affidea, we have all the competences, experience and resources to successfully lead this journey, always with clinical excellence, safety and precision at core. I look forward to this innovative partnership with Incepto so that together we can shape the AI landscape in radiology, for the benefit of patients and doctors,” says Alessandro Roncacci, MD, senior vice-president, chief medical officer of Affidea.