Health care cloud computing company, Integrated Document Solutions (IDS), Fort Lauderdale, is using its cloud computing architecture to offer physicians mobile phone workflow apps.

Cloud computing architecture archives patient data offsite and makes it securely available to physicians and administrators on the Internet. The new IDS smart phone apps take advantage of this mobility and with three new programs that improve workflow and marketing.

Mobile AbbaDox allows physicians to review and sign off on reports, as well as listen to the original dictation. Mobile CRM monitors referring physician data and ordering trends. Mobile AutoDox allows physicians to use templates and fill out reports from the smart phone.

“These mobile apps are a natural extension of some of our most popular solutions,” said IDS’ CEO Yaniv Dagan in a press release. “Because of our cloud approach, we are able to deliver very useful tools and information to our clients where they’re needed, making them increasingly productive with minimal capital investment. Today, that place is their Smart phone and early adopters have been enthusiastic about the experience.”

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(Source: Press Release)