AIxSCAN, Inc. announces the commencement of U.S. clinical trials for its ARC60 imaging system. Since late 2023, the AIxSCAN, Inc. team has been conducting clinical trials, with UC San Diego Health as the inaugural trial site. The venture aims to produce more than 50 scans of lung disease patients in the U.S. between late 2023 and early 2024, with plans to complete up to 1,000 scans within two years.

Additional seed funding secured in early September 2023 supports clinical trials and engineering endeavors. Discussions are ongoing to forge partnerships with three more institutions upon the forthcoming production of additional ARC60 units, company officials say.

Norbert Pelc, Sc.D., professor of radiology, emeritus at Stanford University and AIxSCAN, Inc. advisory board member, praises the ARC60 imaging platform’s capabilities. “This innovative technology has the potential to change the way we diagnose a range of medical conditions,” Pelc says. “The AIxSCAN tomosynthesis X-ray scanner does not completely avoid the superimposition limitations of radiography, but the early results from the prototype system are very encouraging and suggest the technology can play a significant role. 

“I believe that AIxSCAN’s tomosynthesis X-ray scanner has a very good chance of becoming a valuable tool for the medical community,” Pelc adds. “This technology has the potential to improve patient care and save lives.

Specifically, AIxSCAN, Inc. aims to innovate medical imaging with its patent-protected ARC60 system. By integrating digital radiography, CT, and expert radiological analysis, the technology aims to provide accurate diagnoses and track abnormalities while minimizing radiation exposure.