Zonare, an ultrasound technology provider, has announced the installation of three ZS3 ultrasound systems at Northern Westchester Hospital in New York. The deal includes a 5-year guarantee covering all service and software requirements.

“At Northern Westchester Hospital, our priority is to provide patients with high-quality, patient-centered medical care in a cost-effective manner,” said David Natoli, administrative director of imaging and cardiology services at NWH. “It is imperative to have state-of-the-art imaging capability at the time of system purchase, but also to maintain superb image quality for our patients throughout the life of the system.”

The system’s Zone Sonography technology (ZST) uses a handful of “zones” to extract more data from each transmit receive cycle during echo data acquisition. The system’s open architecture allows for ongoing platform development.

“By providing this Z5 guarantee, we are uniquely enabling our customers to offer high-end, state-of-the-art ultrasound standards for their patients while doing so in the most economically advantageous manner possible,” said Glen Mclaughlin, PhD, president and CTO of Zonare. “Most importantly, we provide this with no additional expenditure. This allows us to closely partner with such healthcare leaders as NWH in its ongoing mission to provide the best in patient care while conserving economic resources.”

For more information, visit Zonare.