GE Medical Systems (GEMS of Waukesha, Wis) unveils VoiceScan on its LOGIQ 9 ultrasound scanner, which is a voice-activated control feature that allows physicians and sonographers to control system functions by voice command alone. By talking into a wireless headset, physicians and sonographers can interact with the LOGIQ 9 scanner and have it perform more than 150 actions.

Hitachi Medical Corp (Twinsburg, Ohio) brings its new HI VISION 8500 Premium Ultrasound System to RSNA. The cornerstone of this design is the 8500’s SONO MR technologies, a group of image acquisition and processing capabilities that can be combined with each other to optimize image quality in nearly every imaging mode. First, HI COMPOUND Imaging’s real-time compound imaging technique enables the 8500 to transmit and receive multiple ultrasound beams at different angles throughout the scan plane. The resulting lines of information are then combined to form a single image, providing reduced noise and increased anatomical detail. And second, HI RES Imaging adaptively employs algorithms based on a real-time analysis of the echo data received from tissue. As a result, noise is suppressed while tissue interfaces are enhanced to improve image contrast. Raw Data Freeze Technology allows the Sonographer to adjust numerous imaging parameters in still-frame images. The ability to optimize the image settings once the desired view has been acquired and frozen improves operating efficiency, especially when scanning difficult patients. The HI VISION 8500 also offers four modes of dTHI, including a penetration mode for imaging large patients and two modes employing Wideband Pulse Inversion techniques for increased spatial resolution. The HI VISION 8500 incorporates such premium features as Octal Beam processing for increased frame rates and ultra-precise analog to digital conversion, which improves the accuracy of digital data. The system also supports multifrequency scanning with a variety of general and specialty wideband probes.

Medison America Inc (Cypress, Calif) travels to RSNA with a new premium-level ultrasound system. Accuvix is a high-resolution 2D, 3D, and live 3D scanner. Capabilities include harmonic imaging, spectral Doppler, color Doppler, and power Doppler. An onboard image archival and management system allows users to save datasets to the hard drive. The all-digital beamforming system provides full DICOM capabilities.

The company also is showcasing Pico, a small, portable ultrasound solution targeted for mobile users or for use as a second system. Pico performs 2D and basic 3D grayscale imaging, color Doppler, power Doppler, and spectral Doppler. The all-digital beamformer features an onboard image archival system.

Medison’s SonoAce 8000 also is on hand. The mid-range console incorporates a number of high-end features, including 2D, 3D, and live 3D as well as spectral, color, and power Doppler and harmonics imaging.

Philips Medical Systems (Bothell, Wash) highlights enhancements to its EnVisor ultrasound system. Additional configurations and capabilities include QuickSCAN intelligent features, three new transducers, online OB trending, and more international languages. QuickSCAN intelligent image optimization with iScan and High Q automatic Doppler waveform analysis provides more consistent image results between users and reduces keystrokes for improved productivity. Three new transducers for small parts and vascular, radiology and OB/Gyn, and cardiology expand EnVisor’s clinical utility in the shared service environment. Expanded data management capabilities provide the ability to quickly do OB trending online. Full implementation of Chinese and Russian has been added to EnVisor’s extensive language library to broaden its international versatility.

Philips Live 3D (aka 4D) gets a performance boost with double the rendering speed, a streamlined user interface, improved resolution, and 3D color Doppler. The OB/Gyn physician and patient also benefit from twice the 3D cineloop memory for longer image captures and enhanced trending of fetal development. The HDI 4000 is a full-featured OB/Gyn system that’s ideal for comprehensive assessment in either 2D or 3D mode. Its speed, quick data management tools and ergonomics also help improve workflow.

RITA Medical Systems (Mountain View, Calif) introduces its StarBurst Semi-Flex, a flexible radiofrequency ablation device. Designed for use during ablation procedures employing MRI, ultrasound, and CT, the Semi-Flex features a 25cm needle that can flex or bend in any direction. Semi-Flex enables ablation of deeper, more centralized cancerous lesions of the liver, bone, and soft tissue.

Siemens Medical Solutions Ultrasound Division (Malvern, Pa) demonstrates new capabilities for the ACUSON Sequoia ultrasound system. Siemens highlights the ACUSON Sequoia’s Matched Response Technology, which utilizes native patient-specific imaging that detects, measures, and adapts in real time to a patient’s individual acoustic properties. Clinicians can then optimize imaging and Doppler performance for easy to technically difficult patients, while streamlining workflow, throughout the entire exam.

Siemens also demonstrates expanded clinical applications for the SONOLINE Antares ultrasound system. New transducer and acoustic technologies will be showcased. Visitors to the Siemens’ booth also can view clinical successes with the company’s fourSight 4D imaging technology.

 SonoSite’s new high-resolution ultrasound system weighs in at just under 8 pounds.

SonoSite Inc (Bothell, Wash) highlights the new Titan high-resolution modular ultrasound system at this year’s show. The 7.5-pound Titan has a magnesium shell and large screen, and it system allows users to store an unlimited number of images. It offers full diagnostic capability; features include high-quality imaging, color power Doppler, pulsed wave Doppler, Tissue Harmonic Imaging, M-mode, Sitelink DICOM, and on-board DICOM. Titan can be used as a mobile docking system or mobile point-of-care solution using the mini-dock. SonoSite debuts two new modules at RSNA. The vascular module enables duplex, Doppler, 2D, and grayscale two-screen imaging. The Triple Transducer Connect module allows stationary users to attach three transducers at once.

SonoSite also showcases iLook 25, a dedicated line placement tool. The iLook 25 provides all-digital broadband imaging in 2D and color power Doppler.

TeraRecon Inc (San Mateo, Calif) unveils its new real-time 3D volume rendering portable ultrasound system. This new system is based on TeraRecon’s XTrillion family of programmable, scalable multiprocessors, and it features color Doppler as well as the new power Doppler mode. Also on display is TeraRecon’s 2nd-generation ultrasound back-end system, featuring an integrated 16-channel Digital Beam Forming ASIC technology.

Toshiba America Medical Systems (TAMS of Tustin, Calif) showcases v4 of its Aplio high-end ultrasound system. The new system features the next generation of ADF, Toshiba’s high-resolution color-flow technology, and ApliPure real-time compounding technology. The system incorporates components to facilitate faster studies without compromising results or increasing the number of repeat exams. Aplio also includes integral components for contrast imaging. Visitors to TAMS’ booth can see contrast imaging works in progress.