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2-Megapixel Color LCD from Barco

New from Barco (Duluth, Ga) is the Nio Color 2MP, a flexible medical-grade display system for use in a wealth of applications, including 3-D PACS, ultrasound, orthopedic imaging, cardiology, nuclear medicine, PET, and more. Cleared by the FDA, this 2-megapixel (MP) display features a 20.1-inch color LCD and is optimized to display both color and grayscale medical data sets. The Nio Color 2MP comes with a BarcoMed 2MP2CF3 display controller, which is designed specifically to support 3-D PACS. Also, the display features Backlight Output Stabilization, a technology that guarantees fast power-up and continuously stabilizes the luminance output of the LCD’s backlight. (For more on color monitors, don’t miss this month’s “Step by Step“.)

Web: ? www.barco.com
Phone: (678) 475-8000

User-Friendly Cap and Valve from Parker Labs

Parker Laboratories Inc (Fairfield, NJ) has released the Snap-Cap and valve, which is designed to allow opening and closing of ultrasound gel bottles with one hand. The Snap-Cap keeps the nozzle and aperture protected from the work environment, and its easy opening and closing allow the user to maintain position and procedure continuity. The Snap-Cap’s self-sealing silicone valve instantly cuts off the flow of gel, which maintains a clean and safe work environment by preventing drips and product residue. The valve also eliminates product drawback into the bottle, reducing the potential for cross-contamination. The Snap-Cap is available on all of Parker Labs’ 0.25-liter and 8-ounce dispenser bottles.

Web: ? www.parkerlabs.com
Phone: (800) 631-8888

DICOM Media Creators from TDK Medical

TDK Medical (Mount Prospect, Ill) now offers DICOM Media Creator (DMC) systems, which make it simpler and more convenient for facilities to record patient studies, reports, and other information on cost-efficient medical-grade CD and DVD recording media. The DMC systems receive patient studies and other data from modalities via a facility’s DICOM network, store the studies on a local hard drive, and records studies to the media with a custom label printed directly on the CD or DVD surface. Each DMC system features TDK’s recording software, intuitive user interface, custom robotics, and a thermal CD/DVD surface printer. The DMC-2000 (shown here) features an embedded network-ready PC and a single DVD-R/RW drive; it records each study in less than 6 minutes on average and has a daily recording capacity of about 80 discs. Other DMC systems include the DMC-1000, DMC-2100, and DMC-2200.

Web: ? www.tdkmedical.com
Phone: (847) 795-2190