A new product offering from Philips Healthcare, Andover, Mass, makes upgrading to digital broadband MRI more affordable. Philip’s dStream broadband technology will enable current Philips MR users to switch to digital broadband MRI while using their existing MR magnet. Compared with system replacement, dStream upgrade technology saves on magnet and reconstruction costs and means fewer disturbances for the facility during installation.

SmartPath to dStream features signal digitization directly at the patient, delivering high signal to noise ratio that benefits image quality and speed. The lightweight dStream digital coils are comfortable for patients and the easy coil handling significantly benefits workflow. SmartSelect automatically determines the coil elements to use, shortening scan setup time.

With the addition of dStream technology to an MRI system, routine exams for brain, spine, knee, ankle, and liver can now be performed in less than eight minutes. The technology digitizes the MR signal at its purest spot in the RF coil, increasing the signal-to-noise ratio and allowing for enhanced image quality.