Singer Mary Lambert has spoken out about a “triggering” recent experience in which she went to a Massachusetts-based radiology clinic to get an MRI of her knee. She hopes that by sharing her story, she will shed light on a situation that may be more common than people realize. 

The 32-year-old singer had hurt her knee in a skiing accident on Dec. 26, and went to Rayus Radiology in Massachusetts to get an emergency MRI, she shared on Twitter last week. Once there, she “was shocked at how unprepared they were for a fat patient,” Lambert wrote.

“I changed into their biggest scrubs (a 2X), and had half of my butt exposed, only to have the MRI coil not fit around my knee,” she said, adding that she “was asked my weight three separate times.”

In an interview with Today, Lambert said that she asked for a larger pair of pants, but the technician said they didn’t have any. And the same was true for the coil, which is placed around the injured spot to take the MRI images. “They kept telling me, ‘We have a bigger coil. It just doesn’t work now,’ ” Lambert said. “And I was like, please stop saying that, it’s not helpful.”

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