Royal Philips has received 510(k) clearance from the U.S. FDA for its Ingenia Elition 3.0T MR solution and two clinical applications: Philips Compressed SENSE and 3D APT. This integrated suite of technologies enables clinicians to perform exams up to 50% faster, increase diagnostic confidence, and improve the patient experience, company officials say.

The first commercial installation of the Philips Ingenia Elition in the U.S. has recently been completed at Hennepin Healthcare, a comprehensive healthcare system in Minneapolis.

“Together, the Ingenia Elition and our new clinical applications make producing high-quality images fast and easy, enabling prompt diagnosis and setting the stage for effective treatment,” says Arjen Radder, global business leader for MR at Philips. “We’re receiving a strong positive reaction from our customers as we continue to roll out our all-new Ingenia digital MR portfolio. It’s providing healthcare organizations like Hennepin Health with innovative solutions that seamlessly connect data, technology, and people to drive the highest quality of care.”

In today’s healthcare landscape—where reimbursements are becoming value-based and chronic conditions lead to more MR procedures and longer waiting times—there is an ever-increasing pressure on the radiology department. Philips, however, is responding to these challenges through the development of new systems and clinical applications that improve image quality and the patient and staff experience, as well as operational efficiency, company officials say.

“To deliver fast, consistent, and accurate diagnoses, our staff need to be supported with technology that gives them the ability to provide the best patient care, in an efficient and cost-effective way,” says Chip Truwit, MD, chair, radiology, Hennepin Healthcare. “Philips’ Ingenia Elition plays a critical role in elevating the standard of care for our patients in imaging and in improving overall operations in our new imaging center.”

Philips Ingenia Elition and the entire digital MR portfolio provide patients and radiologists with the following benefits:

  • Speed of Care: By uniting Philips’ dStream digital broadband technology with Compressed SENSE across its new digital MR portfolio, radiologists can benefit from up to 50%  faster exam times, increasing throughput and workflow efficiency and resulting in more time with patients. Additionally, SmartExam analytics enable automatic planning, scanning, and processing of exams that help improve the entire MR workflow, from image acquisition to reading preference.
  • Confident diagnosis: 3D APT is a contrast-free brain MR imaging technology that addresses the need for more confident diagnosis in neuro-oncology. By differentiating low-grade and high-grade gliomas, radiologists can better understand a tumor’s progression and determine the effect of treatment.
  • Improved patient experience: The MR Elition, combined with Philips Ambient Experience and in-bore Connect solution, offers an immersive audiovisual experience may help calm patients, improving the quality of service for the patient.