CAIRE Reporting, LLC, has unveiled a web-based portal for global MRI incident reporting. Given the distinct safety challenges of MRI equipment, past incident information and valuable lessons have often been concealed, leading to recurring incidents at other facilities. The CAIRE MRI Portal is designed for secure, coordinated, and confidential data submission, aiming to aggregate, analyze, and enhance safety across the MRI community.

CAIRE-MRI Portal co-developer Tobias Gilk, MRSO, MRSE, is a past member of the American College of Radiology MR Safety Committee and current Board Member of the American Board of Magnetic Resonance Safety. 

“By sharing information on preventable accidents and making that information (and lessons learned) available to our professional colleagues, we will continue to improve safety for patients and staff,” Gilk says. “The CAIRE portal was built for safety data collection on accidents and near miss events.” 

What’s more, Gilk says, “Proper measurement of the types and frequency of MRI accidents is essential to key decision making and effective protocol creation. Each user-submitted report will provide the critical data necessary to accurately analyze the current state of safety within the MRI profession.”

The CAIRE MRI Portal is accessible for direct engagement at