PACS Upgrade

Eastman Kodak Company, Rochester, NY, offers DIRECTVIEW PACS System 5. The system features user-centric architecture that supports individual preferences from any location. System 5 has the ability to integrate 3D images with reports for referring physicians, and offers users more detailed reporting from automated vessel analysis, minimum intensity projection, and cardiac CT functions. (585) 724-7206;

Large-Bore 16-Slice CT

Toshiba America Medical Systems Inc, Tustin, Calif, introduces the Aquilion LB large-bore, 16-slice CT scanner. The Aquilion LB features a bore opening of 90 cm, and a 70 cm field of view. The larger opening reportedly allows patients to be better positioned for better oncology imaging quality. Using Toshiba’s QuantumPlus detector for high-speed, high-resolution imaging in three different slice-width acquisitions, the scanner is able to acquire isotropic images. (800) 421-1968;

Lung CT CAD Software

Medicsight, Nashville, Tenn, offers the Medicsight LungCAD API 2.0. The LungCAD is a concurrent-read CAD software program that assists users in evaluating lesions or nodules found during CT scans of the lung. Systems that incorporate this program also offer MPR and 3D fly-through viewing capabilities so LungCAD can be used for primary 3D or primary 2D reading methods. (615) 665-9007;

Cellular PACS Option

Neurostar Solutions, Atlanta, offers enhancements to its Virtual Radiology Network (VRN) medical image management solution. Using cellular communication, mobile imaging facilities and users can connect to a centralized server to utilize the system. Intelligent Virtual Workflow, a new suite of advanced features, includes on-site image access, enhanced system reliability, and redundant emergency backup. VRN also features a Web-based reading station, and automatic Internet-based VRN software updates. (866) 809-4746;

Upright CR System

Konica Minolta, Wayne, NJ, introduces the REGIUS 370 Computed Radiography System. This upright CR system features plate technology that reportedly increases the DQE of the phosphor-based detector for a sharper image. The system also features an antiscatter lead sheet, overhead hand grip, tilted patient identification LCD window, and padded knee sensor. REGIUS 370 measures 2.5 feet wide and 5.5 feet tall, and offers two scanning resolutions: 87.5 µm and 175 µm. (973) 633-1500;

Auto-Processing Software

iCRco, Torrance, Calif, offers the Smart Box software module, which allows users to generate an optimal window and level setting for an image based on the characteristics of a rectangular image region, helping to reduce the necessity of manual quality control of images before they are sent for reading. Smart Box is packaged with Edge Interactive Processing Software, which assigns DICOM anatomies and automatically processes 16 bit CR images. The system is available with a touch-screen interface. (310) 921-9559;