New Products for the Imaging Industry

MSK Extreme 1.5T from ONI Medical Systems

Extremity MR developer ONI Medical Systems recently debuted its 1.5-Tesla MSK Extreme scanner, which is said to increase both image quality and return on investment, according to the Wilmington, Mass, company. It features a 70 mT/m gradient strength and a constant slew rate of 200 T/m/s, which enables the system to achieve compressed echo trains of <5 ms. As a result, clinicians can collect more data in each acquired image and visualize more detail. The company’s exclusive v-SPEC coils are scalable to MSK anatomy and patient size, which increases the MRI signal in the users’ defined region of interest, and ONI says v-SPEC allows for better preoperative screening data. Because the system is designed specifically for extremity applications, no surface coils are required, and the patient anatomy is the iso-center of the magnet. Patients are reclined in a seated position.

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IntegriSense from VisEn

Representing the first product developed out of the Merck-VisEn Biomarker Imaging research collaboration, the IntegriSense fluorescence in vivo imaging agent product line has arrived on the market. According to in vivo imaging research firm VisEn, based in Bedford, Mass, the agent will allow researchers to image and assess the role of integrin alpha v beta 3 in disease progression and therapeutic response in vivo. Specifically, the agent was developed to measure and monitor disease states such as oncology, cardiovascular disease, and bone disease. It targets integrin alpha v beta 3, a key biomarker closely associated with disease-related vascularity and angiogenesis. As with all of VisEn’s imaging agents, IntegriSense molecular agents are designed for use with VisEn’s Quantitative Tomographic FMT imaging systems, enabling quantitative data on biological targets in vivo. Additionally, they are compatible with a range of fluorescence imaging systems, including planar systems and intravital microscopes.

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SonoAce X6 from MEDISON

Diagnostic ultrasound manufacturer MEDISON Co Ltd, of Cypress, Calif, has announced commercial availability of its SonoAce X6, a new, compact ultrasound system. Providing maximum value and quality across a wide range of applications, the SonoAce X6 has a slender, ergonomic design built on software-based technology. It features sensitive spectral, color, and power Doppler, assisting in hemodynamic diagnoses of vascular anatomy and pathology. Furthermore, it incorporates an extensive list of image processing innovations, including Speckle Reduction Filter, Full Spectrum Imaging, and Pulse Inversion Harmonic Imaging. Also, it is equipped with a swivel and tilt 15-inch LCD monitor and an intuitive console layout. For added convenience, it features three active probe ports and four swivel wheels.

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TubeGuard from Siemens Healthcare

For all users of Somatom Definition CT scanners, Siemens Healthcare, Malvern, Pa, is offering a TubeGuard product as an additional option of the proactive, real-time monitoring of customer systems via the Guardian Program. Once TubeGuard is installed, sensors monitor the tube assembly’s functions, such as cooling, vacuum, and rotation. The TubeGuard continuously checks the operability of the x-ray tube assembly in the users’ CT system and informs the Siemens Service Center online via Siemens Remote Service before a tube assembly actually fails at the end of its time of operation. Therefore, according to Siemens, replacements can be supplied immediately, which reduces the risk of unforeseen system failures. Customers can also adapt their service expenditures to suit their own specific clinical requirements.

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Digital Voice Tracers from Philips

With the hopes of bridging the gap between handwritten note-taking and professional dictation, Philips Speech Processing, a division of Netherlands-based Royal Philips Electronics, debuted its new line of Digital Voice Tracers. It includes five models and available features, such as the industry’s largest display, 2 GB storage capacity, high-sensitivity microphones, six recording modes, and high-quality stereo recording. Enhanced features include MP3 music playback and FM radio recording. For fast file download to a computer, Digital Voice Tracers offer connectivity through a high-speed USB 2.0. Eliminating battery consumption, the 860 and 880 models support energy-efficient USB-powered recording. An index function that marks reference points helps to manage longer audio recordings, which can be played back at faster or slower speeds. The 660, 860, and 880 models are packaged with a USB cable, batteries, and lapel microphone, as well as stereo headphones for confidential file playback.

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Illuminate from Softek Solutions

Softek Solutions, Prairie Village, Kan, is offering the ability for users to tap into the full power of the unstructured data within the Philips iSite PACS environment. Illuminate, a free-text search engine that utilizes a Google-like interface, can pull specific reports and corresponding images from a radiology department’s entire iSite PACS database. According to the company, users will be able to quickly locate and compare millions of data points to retrieve a prioritized encapsulation of just the information they seek. It provides an advanced search interface by specific category, including image, patient, workflow, and procedure parameters. Using proprietary, patent-pending crawler algorithms to gather, index, and maintain the clinical text portions of all studies within the iSite PACS system, Illuminate returns results in less than a second, according to Softek. It also features an intelligent Auto-Complete search capability, which presents a list of matching terms as soon as the user begins typing, and offers functionalities designed to increase physician collaboration.

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