Shimadzu Medical Systems USA has expanded its product offerings in Canada to include a new wireless digital mobile radiography system. Christie InnoMed, Shimadzu’s Canadian distributor, is now accepting orders for the Mobile DaRt Evolution Wireless SZ Type with a flat panel detector (FPD).

Designed for use in emergency departments and with neonatal and pediatric patients, the system uses a wireless FPD and 32 kW generator to acquire and display images within 3 seconds, minimizing motion artifacts due to patient movement. Low-dose features such as a Dose Area Product (DAP) meter can be mounted on the collimator to display dose measurements in the display panel. A distance measurement unit showing the distance from the X-ray tube focal point to the patient can also be incorporated alongside a dose calculation function.

The system can store up to 4,000 images for rapid comparison and supports DICOM worklist. A streamlined workflow reduces additional steps, while “inch mover” features enable maneuverability in compact spaces. The system is available with GOS FPD sizes of 42 cm x 42 cm and 43 cm x 34 cm. Csl FPD sizes are available in 43 cm x 34 cm and 28 cm x 23 cm.

For more information, visit Shimadzu.