Washington Hospital Center has selected Defentect, of Norwalk, Conn., to install a radiation detection pilot in strategic portal locations.

Known for Project ER One and its commitment to advanced emergency preparedness, the hospital is home to large nuclear medicine and cancer treatment facilities. Preparing for the possibility of a radiological event in the nation’s capital, the center implemented Defentect’s solution to monitor radiologically contaminated patients and on-site radiological materials used for patient treatment.

The pilot features Defentect’s DM3 intelligent threat awareness software, which manages, monitors, and communicates messages from radiological sensors to an incident command center, as well as to PDAs, cellphones or pagers. Furthermore, the technology is equipped with Defentect’s Gammatect Plus sensors, which, set in ‘patient mode,’ discriminate for medically treated individuals, therefore avoiding false alarms.

Convergint Technologies, a services-based systems integrator based in Schaumburg, Ill., is Defentect’s partner in the installation.