Marianne900By Marianne Matthews

As Pete Seeger’s famous song reminds us, “to everything there is a season.” Turn, turn, turn.

Welcome to AXIS.  You knew us as Imaging Economics but we’ve changed our name, expanded our audience, and renewed our purpose.

AXIS is an exciting, new all-digital media outlet created exclusively for the medical imaging and healthcare IT communities as well as the technology vendors that serve them. We believe that uniting these groups makes smart sense. After all, the worlds of radiology and healthcare IT continue to intersect. Moreover, technology is playing a bigger and bigger role in keeping an imaging practice competitive.

So who is AXIS?

The word “axis” has a plethora of meanings and associations across a wide spectrum of disciplines and fields. The word has been used in mathematics, politics, fiction, geography, music, science, and technology.

Certainly, radiologists are familiar with the anatomical definition of “axis,” the second cervical vertebra of the spine.

But the number one definition of “axis” in Webster’s is “the straight line, real or imaginary, passing through a body, on which it revolves; as in, the axis of the earth.”

That definition aligns with our mission.

AXIS brings together a new collective; a new body, if you will—imaging professionals, healthcare IT leaders, and technology innovators. AXIS is their point of intersection and the singular information source around which this collective will revolve.

What can you expect from AXIS?

As an all-digital resource, AXIS will deliver more content than ever before to keep you informed about diagnostic imaging and healthcare IT developments.

We’re proud to debut a new responsive-design website with daily content; 6 tablet digital editions a year; and a series of e-newsletters.

What’s more, you’ll find several new, ongoing columns on the AXIS website, some by AXIS writers, and others that will be authored by experts in their respective fields. In the coming months, look for columns on topics like:

You can count on AXIS to deliver insightful, up-to-date business and technology intelligence. Simply put, whether you are a radiologist, an administrator, or a healthcare IT professional, AXIS is here to help you keep your imaging organization competitive.

As Editor in Chief, I’m excited about AXIS. I welcome your feedback on our new website and want your input, too. E-mail me at [email protected] and let me know the kinds of topics you want to read about.

Finally, if you’re among the many loyal readers of the former Imaging Economics, I want to thank you for your support over the years. And now I want to ask you to join us as we turn, turn, turn. It’s time to embrace change. It’s time to move forward with AXIS.