KLAS has released a new report which indicates that as government regulations and Joint Commission certification increasingly push providers to identify plans for dose monitoring solutions, two companies have already dominated the market. “Radiology Dose Monitoring Solutions 2014: Provider Strategies in an Evolving Market” found that in initial discussions, references to GE Healthcare and Bayer occurred most frequently.

Among the 100 providers interviewed by KLAS, 83% had purchased or were seriously considering acquiring a dose monitoring solution. Of those, 30% had already purchased a solution, while 65% planned to purchase one within the next two years. Bayer and GE Healthcare emerged as the vendors of choice in about 60% of discussions.

“The interest level is high as organizations attempt to figure out which solution makes the most sense for them. Options range from full, robust solutions with all the bells and whistles, to simpler solutions that can still get the job done, to PACS solutions that now offer dose monitoring capabilities,” said Matt Terry, the report’s author.

“While Bayer and GE are currently capturing the majority of the mindshare, other players have garnered some attention,” Terry added. “However, they have an uphill battle in trying to compete with the two mindshare leaders.” Other firms evaluated in the study include ACR, Agfa HealthCare, Bayer HealthCare, Bracco, DR Systems, GE Healthcare, Infinitt, Imalogix, McKesson, Novarad, PACSHealth, Philips, Radiance, Scannerside, Sectra, and Siemens.

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