In a press release,officials at mPlexusTM LLC, a software company focused on developing applications for the medical imaging informatics industry, announced one Monday, July 27, the appointment of Thomas Vanneman as president and
chairman of the board of directors.

Vanneman is currently a partner with the Indianapolis-based consulting firm Volatus Advisors LLC. He has more than 25 years of experience in executive level positions, from public Fortune 500 companies to small entrepreneurial start-ups.

"We are excited to bring Tom on board," said mPlexus co-founder Dr. Steven Jones in the press release. "Tom has an impressive track record in shaping and building businesses. He has a wealth of experience working with small and large public and private companies, with business strategy and planning, business development, private placements and IPOs."

Vanneman, a graduate of the University of Iowa where he earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration and a master’s degree in economics, said he is looking forward to his new challenge.

"The radiology informatics industry is rapidly evolving," Vanneman said in the statement. "mPlexus, with its first product, the DICOM eXtender router, is quickly becoming known for developing high performance products for the radiology informatics industry. With advances in diagnostic imaging technology and utilization by an aging population, the demand is growing rapidly for software applications enabling faster and more efficient medical imaging."