Dual-Sided CR Reader

FUJIFILM Medical Systems USA, Stamford, Conn, introduces the ClearView-CSTM, the newest addition to Fuji’s CR product line. With the dual-sided reading technology of this product, captured x-ray information is read simultaneously from both sides of the IP, resulting in 100% higher detective quantum efficiency and lower noise. In addition, spatial resolution sampling is 50 micron for both 18×24 and 24×30 cm cassettes, making the system well suited for extremity and pediatric imaging. The product also permits the processing of up to 178 imaging plates per hour. (800) 431-1850; www.fujimed.com.

Ergonomic Height-Adjustable Viewing Station

AFC Industries, College Point, NY, introduces its new electronically height- adjustable viewing station. The product offers its users the flexibility to adjust the height with the touch of a button, for optimum body positioning and comfort. With unlimited configurations available, this table can be adjusted to the user, instead of the user having to adjust to the table. (800) 663-3412; www.radiologyfurniture.com.

CD/DVD Recorder System

Sorna Corp, Rosemount, Minn, introduces the FilmX CD/DVD Cam5i automated recorder system. Designed for light use, the Cam5i is functional and reliable, and its network-connected DICOM 3.0 CD recorder has a 50-disc CD capacity, 2400 dpi color inkjet printer, and template creation software for custom label production. It is also equipped with FilmX CD/DVD Cam and Litebox Viewer software. In addition, the company introduces CD Cam Version 5.3, FilmX’s newest software update. This new version supports the HIPAA security rule by adding audit management functionality. (800) 741-0514; www.sorna.com.

Portable Flat Panel Detector

Canon Medical Systems, Irvine, Calif, introduces the CXDI-50G portable digital radiography solution. The product has an imaging area of 14 x 17 inches, large enough to handle chest and abdominal x-rays, and produces 12-bit grayscale images. The GOS scintillator/amorphous silicon flat panel detector is DICOM 3.0-compatible for instantaneous network transfer of images. The sensor unit measures 0.9-in thick and weighs 10.6 pounds, for ease in positioning when performing lateral or axial imaging of limbs and other areas. In addition, it is possible for a patient to hold the sensor unit in place during image capture with little effort. (800) 970-7227; www.usa.canon.com.

Motorized Viewers

American Medical Sales (AMS) Inc, Hawthorne, Calif, introduces new, expanded features with its Rotolux and Mammolux motorized viewers. Among the new features, AMS has added a frame-specific masking feature that allows the user to store each masking shape to a specific frame/panel. Once a frame is recalled, the shuttering system will automatically adjust to the shape that was last used on that frame. In addition, a new store-to-field feature enables the radiologist to mask a specific area of interest on a frame and store it to memory so it can be easily recalled for further study or peer consultation. (800) 423-3535; www.ams4illuminators.com.

PACS e-Learning

OTech Inc, Aubrey, Tex, introduces its comprehensive e-Learning packages for professionals working with PACS. The new packages consist of a CD set, or PACS E-learning modules that can be taken online, bundled with DICOM and HL7 textbooks. The system is ideal for PACS system administrators, and consists of seven CDs, each containing more than 1 hour of detailed information. Specifically, the various PACS modules offer administration activities, CR/DR, DICOM intro and services, as well as conformance and textbooks. CDs are also available on additional topics, such as an introduction to medical digital imaging. (940) 440-9791; www.otechimg.com.