Movable C-arm Imaging System

The Angiography and X-ray Division of Siemens Medical Solutions, Malvern, Pa, introduces the Axiom Artis U, a movable, digital C-arm imaging system, which has recently received FDA marketing clearance. The new system supports a variety of examinations including angiographic interventions, cardiac interventions, and surgical procedures. The system features: Siemens’ Combined Application to Reduce Exposure, a solution to reduce radiation exposure for both physicians and patients; the ability to be configured with up to 30 frames per second for cardiac applications, as well as subtracted imaging for body interventional and peripheral procedures; image management capabilities; and syngo®, Siemens’ standard user interface. (888) 826-9702; .

Mammography Records Solution

DatCard Systems Inc, Irvine, Calif, has released MammoSmart, a tool that provides patients with their complete mammography history and breast care information on an automatically produced CD-R/DVD-R. Each disc contains a wealth of educational patient information such as medical history, digital mammography images, personal demographics, and insurance information. MammoSmart integrates with hospital registration, PACS, and RIS/mammography systems to provide a seamless workflow process. (949) 932-1300; .

Portable CR System

Konica Minolta Medical Imaging USA Inc, Mahwah, NJ, offers the Xpress Portable Assistant, a lightweight, hand-held computed radiography (CR) examination and cassette identification tool. The new Xpress Portable Assistant features a built-in bar-code reader and touch-screen control with keypad, and comes with a cradle and stylus. Patient examinations can be downloaded into the device from the Xpress CR Control Station (CS-1) Modality Worklist; users can then select a patient name and the examination views for cassette identification at the point of patient care. Plate registration can be uploaded back to any CS-1 Control Station in the network for immediate plate processing and confirmation after completion of examination. (800) 934-1034; .

Ultrasound Upgrade

Toshiba Medical Systems Inc, Tustin, Calif, introduces Version 5.5 software for its Aplio TM diagnostic ultrasound system. Version 5.5 features Toshiba’s Differential Tissue Harmonics Imaging option, which offers increased spatial resolution and penetration for border and tissue definition using enhanced transducers. It also features a Quick Scan option, which streamlines image optimization for increased productivity and reproducible examinations with less interoperator variability. (800) 621-1968; .

PACS Software

RealTimeImage, San Bruno, Calif, offers iPACS Web, a diagnostic tool that connects to any digital modality or archive, providing users with a standard PC to view full-quality, noncompressed images over any type of network connection. iPACS Web uses existing network infrastructure and hardware. Features of the iPACS Web tool include: Pixels-on-Demand image streaming for minimal network usage; iPACS Viewer, which offers multiple studies display, interactive width and level adjustment, magnifying glass, zoom and pan, and measurement tools; and image access in seconds. (650) 616-4670; .

Printing System

aycan Digitalsysteme GmbH, Wuerzburg, Germany, introduces the aycan xray-print, a medical imaging output system, which uses a high-resolution laser printer in combination with a DICOM print server to produce medical images on standard paper (up to 11 inches by 17 inches) at near diagnostic image quality. The system reduces the need for chemical-based film processing and equipment. aycan xray-prints can be produced in color, attached to patient records, and archived in standard-size file cabinets. +49 9 31 270 40 9 2; .