Medical Display System

Image Systems Corp, Minneapolis, introduces the 2MP gray-scale LCD display system, which includes a 19.6-inch, 2MP display with front and rear sensors, 10-bit gray-scale controller card and calibration feedback system, and a local- and network-addressable display calibration system. Designed for medical imaging support for Windows- and Linux-based applications, the 2MP display system provides hands-free calibration; DICOM conformance; multi-monitor support; local and network support; system nonconformance alarms and reporting; integrated light sensors; remote access for conformance checking and calibration; and background backlight stability verification, documentation, and adjustment. (952) 935-1171; .

Preowned Ultrasound Systems

Conquest Imaging, Stockton, Calif, has added preowned Acuson 128 XP/10 (Rev 30) ultrasound systems to its line of preowned diagnostic equipment. Available software options include native tissue harmonics, color Doppler energy, trans-cranial Doppler, color/spectral Doppler, pulse wave Doppler, and the image enhancement option B-Color. DICOM needs can be addressed with the addition of an AEGIS option. Multiple probe options are also available. The Acuson 128 XP/10 system has undergone an all system assessment, which includes operations and functionality testing by the company sonographer, safety testing, complete cleaning and reworking, and painting if required. (866) 900-9404; .

Centralized Scheduling System

SpectraSoft, Tempe, Ariz, introduces AppointmentsCS, a scheduling system that links all of a practice’s sites, allowing staff members to book a patient at any location; changes to schedules are updated in real time. Featuring a user-friendly interface, AppointmentsCS can verify insurance coverage, export records to a participating billing service, run reports for individual locations or aggregate reports for an entire organization, and generate automated appointment by phone, mail, and email. AppointmentsCS also helps to track practice stats, streamline work flow, and prevent unbillable visits. (800)889-0450; .

HIPAA-Compliant Image Viewer

Images-on-Call”, Dallas, has developed the IOC-QuickView Key”, a portable hard drive that enables radiologists to view images in remote locations. IOC-QuickView Key plugs directly into the USB port of personal computers and downloads diagnostic images. No new programs are installed on the host computer’s hard drive. Images are stored directly and only on the portable hard drive, not on the host computer’s hard drive, ensuring compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). IOCQuickView Key features a 256MB storage capacity and can transfer up to 200 MB of data in minutes. (214) 902-8337; .

DICOM Viewer

Intelerad Medical Systems Inc, Montreal, has incorporated new features into its IntelePACS InteleViewer. Designed to enhance image manipulation, work flow, and communication with referring physicians, the new attributes include: image selection and annotation tools that allow selected, annotated images to be sent to referring physicians; auto-window-leveling algorithms; WYSIWYG postscript printing and jpeg exporting; the ability to drag and drop and select thumbnail image series; enhancements to Layout Manager; and a broad range of userspecific preferences. (514) 931-6222; .

CR Scanner Enhancements

Orex, Auburndale, Mass, offers new options for its ACLxy Computed Radiography (CR) scanner. With a processing speed of up to 150 plates per hour and a mobile Z-Cart that creates an integrated plug-and-scan mobile CR solution, the ACLxy CR scanner can now be configured for orthopedic long-bone and related examinations utilizing two ultralong cassettes and advanced stitching software. The scanner can also be used for CAD bone mineral densitometry with specially designed cassettes that provide fast and simple measurements based on a CR image of the hand. (888) 844-7775; .

Web-driven PACS

Dynamic Imaging, Allendale, NJ, will introduce IntegradWeb” 3.3 at the 21st Symposium on Computer Applications in Radiology (SCAR) in Vancouver, Canada. IntegradWeb 3.3 is the latest version of Dynamic Imaging’s fully Web-driven PACS. Capabilities include: an enhanced user interface with a new look and feel; extended IHE-compliant integration capabilities, including an advanced HL7 integration engine for fine-grained matching of orders and studies, and closing the loop with speech-recognition systems and clinical portals; enhanced Web-driven 3D capabilities; a new presentation protocol for dynamic studies, with image sorting based on anatomy; and new desktop management options allowing mixed color/gray-scale configurations and the ability to select the preferred format for final studies display. (888) 303-7227; .

Portable Ultrasound System

Fukuda-Denshi Co Ltd, Japan, and TeraRecon Inc, San Mateo, Calif, have developed the FFsonic UF-750XT Tellus, a portable color Doppler ultrasound system. The system uses Xtrillion image processing chip technology that enables images in B mode, M mode, spectrum Doppler, and color doppler to be processed at a fast speed. The FFsonic UF-750XT Tellus system includes: an ergonomically designed trackball; controls that are placed to minimize hand movement during examinations; an MO drive for digital data storage; tissue harmonic imaging for reduction of artifacts and image noise; and the B Width feature that allows for a narrower angular field of view to be used in exchange for a higher frame rate. (650) 372-1100; .

Digital Management Software

Siemens Medical Solutions, Malvern, Pa, introduces the SIENET Cosmos suite of IHE-conforming digital applications focused on meeting the needs of community-based hospitals and large imaging centers. The suite includes SIENET Integrated Workplace, SIENET Image Data Management, and SIENET Image Distribution. Features of SIENET Integrated Workplace include RIS-driven prefetching, automatic preloading of preliminary examinations for fast online access by physician, and integration of HIS, RIS, PACS, and voice recognition. Features of SIENET Image Data Management include wider range of storage media and standard-based communication with modalities, RIS, and DICOM node via HL7, and DICOM. SIENET Image Distribution features include cost-effective data distribution via Internet technology and full access to archives during reporting. (888) 826-9702; .

Vena Cava Filter

Cook®, Bloomington, Ind, has created the Gunther Tulip Vena Cava Filter, which helps prevent pulmonary embolism (PE). The filter features a 12-wire tulip-shaped design that captures clots with little blood flow disruption, an 8.5 French delivery system for easy vein access, controlled spring tension release mechanism that helps ensure accurate placement, and radiopaque markers for precise positioning. The Tulip also features a hook that makes it easily retrievable if a patient’s risk of PE diminishes. Intended for one-time use, the filter is supplied sterile in peelopen packages. (800) 457-4500; .

Digital Mammography Application

InSiteOne, Wallingford, Conn, has launched its InDex® service provider solutions for mammography. InDex services will provide: storage options designed to accommodate large mammography data sets; fast, local access of up to 3 years of studies to support prior-study comparison needs; cost-effective pricing structures to accommodate limited mammography reimbursements and other financial constraints; and special considerations for mammography electronic image work flow and communication tools. (800) 441-0091; .

Electric Lift Table

Anthro Corp, Tualatin, Ore, introduces the Elevate” Electric Lift Table, which can be used for PACS applications. Available in two different heights and in either a 48-in width or a 60-in width, it has features that include: a touch-keypad that raises and lowers the table for optimal ergonomic height; a single surface where the desktop moves up and down, or a dual surface where the back surface and the front surface move up and down independently; large 4-inch locking casters; two single electrical leg assemblies; and a silver-colored, 16-gauge steel frame. (800) 325-3841; .