Siemens Healthcare has added the Symbia E single detector imaging system to its Symbia family of scanners.

The Symbia E is a high-quality, cost-effective single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) system, which the company says can help improve clinical confidence, reliability and versatility.

Addressing the country’s — and world’s — current economic challenges, Siemens said the Symbia E Single represents a high-quality, yet economical solution for providers. The company has taken the advanced detector technology of the Symbia family of SPECT and SPECT•CT imaging systems and made it available on the Symbia E single detector. 

It can also be upgraded to a dual detector camera depending on the facility’s changing workload. Furthermore, it can accommodate a wide range of patient sizes, as well as be equipped with special positioning pallets for mammography. It features a tilting detector for optimized planar imaging and offers advanced imaging tools for oncology, cardiology, neurology and general imaging.